This is the place

where love and acceptance awaits you, a place where you can feel at home!


Where you can meet with God...

Come and get to know the One who created you! Not rejection, but acceptance is what awaits you here, where instead of fear peace can move into your heart!


With English translation.


The vision before our eyes

We are a metropolitan church, where the power of fellowship is particularly strong. We take great care of our values, so that love, respect, honor, and unity would continue to grow and be the center of all our gatherings and events. Our desire is for a community that is made up of relationships that are built on love, that is soaked by sincerity and the love of God and are completely free from hypocrisy.

Our goal is to reach every age group of our society with our message. Therefore, we shape our programs and micro-communities, in such a way that everyone can find their place from babies through kids, teens, youth, those in their active years all to way to our elderly.

Our leadership seeks to provide a wide field of vision and space so that even the exceptional artists, great thinkers, doers, and builders of our society can take root and blossom, reaching ever greater hights while experiencing a great freedom in our shared vision.


Those who walk before us

Get to know those who nurture Omega Budapest’s congregation by not just example and providing a clear direction but also though their genuine care.


Süveges Imre és Éva
Lead pastor and his wife


Szilvásy László és Dr. Fülöp Edit
Lead elder and his wife
Szabó Szilárd és Gizella
Elder and his wife
Prekopa István és Erna
Marriage and family pastor, elder
Gáspár Zsolt és Buza Emese
Elder and his wife
Pajor Attila és Enikő
Elder and his wife
Ecoma Emmanuel és Anna
Elder and his wife
Vidákovich István és Radó Márta
Elder and his wife
Szabó Richárd és Montika
Elder and his wife
Lázár Zoltán és Szénási Erika
Elder and his wife
id. Bánhegyi Sándor és Györgyi
Elder and his wife
Tóth Péter és Szilvia
Elder and his wife
Sándor Zsolt és Judit
Elder and his wife
Kuli Ferenc
Süveges Dániel
Fedor Ferenc
Bakos Bendegúz
Varga László

Financial board

Szilvásy László
Director of finance
Kőrös Sándor
Szabó Szilárd
Süveges Imre
Kulcsár Krisztina

Ministry leaders

Buza Emese
Church secretary
Ferencz Alexandra
Lead deacon and the organiser of ‘Business Forum’
Süveges Imre
Men’s ministry director
Süvegesné Prekopa Éva
Alpha course director, Women's ministry director
Ferencz Péter Peet
Worship leader
Prekopa István
Family and marriage counseling
Prekopa Erna
Kids minister
Ecoma Emmanuel
Prayer minister
Lázár Zoltán
Prayer minister and Hospital mission lead
Bánhegyi Sándor
Prayer minister
Fedor Ferenc
Prayer minister
Pajor Attila
Service leader
Gáspár Zsolt
Head of media
Molnár Pál
Sound and technical manager
Molnár Lúcia
Head of communications
Németh László
Head of studio
Tursics Olivér
Head of maintenance
Szabóné Gizella
Café bar manager
Molnár Ákos
Head of welcome team
Varga László
Youth leader
Krepsz Lea
Teen leader
Illés Enikő
Book store manager
Kiss Tamás
Street evangelism director
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